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I love the earth. It’s the place we all live on, not only human beings but the animals, plants as well. I think the prettiest thing of the earth is mother nature; it controls the cycle of life.

Chinese student Nature Earth

Recently, garbage sorting is becoming more and more popular. I think it is an excellent thing for us to take a role in protecting the environment. By doing that, lots of things can be reused. Actually, there are lots of little things everyone can do to save the environment, such as planting trees, saving water, and so on. For me, I like to ride the bicycle or walk to school, because it will produce less pollution. If you let me choose where I want to live, I would rather live in a small village that is far away from the city, so I can eat healthily, breathe freshly, and live safely. I hope everyone can work together, and start with the little things to save our earth. 

Chinese Student Jimmy

Guest Student Writer: Jimmy
Jimmy is 10 years old and lives in Shanghai. His favorite classes are English and programming.In his free time, he likes to play badminton.He wants to be a game anchor when he grows up.

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