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online jobs for students photoFor all of my hard-working college students out there, this one is for you. Do you find it challenging to balance your coursework, job, and (if time allows, doubtfully) your social life? We all know the worn-out cliché of the “broke, stressed out college student.” I was a living, breathing emulation of that stereotype. One of my biggest challenges while working on my bachelor’s degree was the never-ending struggle of trying to accommodate all of the necessary, demanding, and time-consuming aspects of my schedule. I noticed quickly that it was impossible to work a full-time job, being that my studies were taking up the majority of my time. In order to make up for the lack of… well, money, I pulled what felt like decades worth of weekend waiter shifts just to cover my bills. Needless to say, while my weekdays were consumed with classes, homework, exams, meetings, and other academic duties, my weekends were now jam-packed with a low paying, physically taxing job that would not translate well on a prospective teacher’s resume. I was overworked and was soon run into the ground with exhaustion and zero ‘me time.’ Luckily, I stumbled upon the wonders that are ESL online jobs for students like myself.

What exactly are ESL online jobs for students?

In a nutshell, ALO7, a Shanghai-based educational company, is currently seeking native English speakers to guide engaging, pre-structured online lessons for thousands upon thousands of eager elementary-high school students. English tutors lead conversational classes that range from one-on-one sessions to in-classroom digital teaching (it’s a blast!). With provided lesson plans and engaging courseware, tutors have very little prep work of their own to do before teaching the lesson. ALO7 gears itself towards online jobs for students, specifically, which are perfect opportunities to squeeze in professional experience and make good money doing it, despite our crazy schedules. 

What is wonderful is that ALO7 designs their qualification requirements to accommodate tutors who may not be able to pull off the traditional, full time, 9-5 gig (for a more detailed description of tutor requirements, see below). From the “digital nomad” (adventurers who thrive off of travel, enjoy extended stays in various parts of the world and rely on teaching jobs like these to make money online) to the retiree, and, of course, to us the students— the hectic degree pursuers who sacrifice our time, money, sanity and social life for the ultimate gift of accredited knowledge— the benefits of these online tutoring jobs are, indeed, bountiful. For a list of what I believe to be the best perks of tutoring online with ALO7, keep on reading…

Convenience and flexibility

Alo7 provides great online part time jobs for students. The convenient hours allow for the maximization of your daily productivity which surely consists mostly of homework and studying. ALO7 is extremely generous with offered flexibility for tutor schedules. Basically, you create your own schedule! ALO7 stipulates that as long as you meet the minimum requirements of six hours per week within the “peak tutoring hours,” (6:00 pm to 9:00 Beijing time) you can provide yourself the liberty of forming your own availability and changing it at your own convenience.

Peak tutoring hours, as mentioned above, are the “rush hours” of online tutoring. Chinese tutoring takes place after school, Beijing time, and the students join the online lessons from the comfort of their own homes. For US and UK based tutors, the substantial difference between time zones would mean we tutor late nights or early mornings. I, for example, am located on the east coast of the United States and my tutoring hours are from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. This may seem early, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. By fitting in such convenient hours, I have worked and made money all before breakfast, meaning I am free to focus on school work and whatever else needs to be done for the rest of the day. With that, it is no wonder why these positions are perfect online jobs for students like us.

online jobs for students work from homeWork from home!

Guys, believe me when I say that there is no better feeling than making money in your pajamas. The benefits of working from home really deserve its own article. It is so very comfortable, convenient, fiscally beneficial and time efficient. For starters, ALO7 encourages tutors to dress cozy and comfortably. Aside from the blue polo that is asked, there are no issues in wearing pajama bottoms, slippers, or any other loungewear. The best way to create an optimum learning environment is to be comfortable. By tutoring online, you are expected to do just that.

Let’s not forget to mention all the time, money and energy you are saving by not having to get caught up in that rat race of rushing to and from work. Think of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the congested highway while that relentless clock dwindles closer and closer to your awkwardly late arrival. Think of the stress and anxiety that situation induces. By working from home, you get to avoid all the unnecessary hassle and get to keep that hard-earned money in your pockets rather than wasted at the pumps. Not for nothing, commuting, in general, takes up a large chunk of our day. Can you imagine being able to use that time we waste sitting in a car and, instead, use it for homework or for studying? Think of the benefits that would have for your grades. It made all the difference for me.

Get yourself some career experience!

The most important and long-term benefit to working ALO7’s online jobs for students is the opportunity to build up your professional resume all while still pursuing your degree. As I am sure we are all well aware of by now, the job market is not friendly. It is challenging to gain career-oriented experience while a student. It is a paradox, really. Many jobs require you to have related work experience, which is demanding and quite unrealistic for full-time students. But, by tutoring online during the pursuit of your degree, you are giving yourself a competitive advantage by doing both at the same time. ALO7 understands this dilemma and encourages current students to tutor in order to beat out this nasty irony. As I stated before, I had to resort to working in a field completely unrelated to my desired career out of sheer desperation to work and make fast money to fund my studies and pay rent. This turned out to be a double whammy because not only did it suck precious time away from my studies, but after working there for years, I had nothing to show for it in both my pockets and on my resume. With ALO7, you can earn a degree and gain valuable experience to help you land your career-oriented job without having to waste any more precious time.

Online tutoring requirements

There are a few particular necessities to satisfy ALO7’s tutoring requirements. To truly succeed at these online jobs for students, ALO7 asks that the prospective tutor—

  1. Natively speak English and are from the US, UK, Canada or Australia. This is to ensure the students receive a holistic and authentic English cultural/language learning experience.
  2. Possess or are progressing towards a bachelor’s degree from an accredited, four-year college or university. (major doesn’t matter!)
  3. Have tutoring, teaching or mentoring experience. ALO7 is flexible when determining this aspect. For example, experience babysitting or working as a camp counselor count as experience.
  4. Are in possession of, or agree to earn, an ESL certification within three months time from hire. (I highly suggest considering this. ALO7 provides very useful links to accredited and extremely affordable online programs that will only serve to bolster your own resume and credentials.)
  5. Are available for a minimum of six hours a week during Chinese “peak tutoring hours,” 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm BJT. Tutor time may vary depending upon time zone differentiation.
  6. Enjoy working with children.
  7. Maintain a clean, organized tutoring space with a background appropriate for classroom learning. Backdrops are usually dependent upon the creativity or discretion of the individual tutor. A popular option is to set up a green screen. Personally, my backdrops have ranged from a simple map of the world to the wall of books in my office, to now simply a minimalist painting of trees aside an open window. As long as an appropriate backdrop accompanies a clean and quiet space, you are covered! (Props are also highly encouraged, as well. Anything that is relatable to the lesson can be used as props.)
  8. Are in possession of up to date computer specs and audio/mic technology. Typically, any sort of mac/windows desktop or laptop does the trick, and our headsets must have a microphone extension. You can find inexpensive headsets with adjustable, noise-canceling microphone extensions on Amazon or eBay. I use a Logitech headset I scooped up on Amazon for around 25 dollars, and it works wonders (a lot of gaming headsets work well, too).
  9. Wear a simple blue polo. I picked mine up from Walmart for literally five dollars. This is not a big investment, promotes company consistency, and, honestly, makes us all look quite sharp. You don’t need one to apply, but it might gain you points during the interview process.

So, friends, do yourself a favor and consider the opportunity to make money online as an ESL tutor with ALO7. Between the convenient hours that allow you to keep your focus on your studies to the massive amount of time and money you save by working from home to the ultimate end goal of giving yourself valuable professional experience that can help you get ahead out there, online tutoring is designed to provide college students like us every advantage possible to succeed. ALO7 sure did for me.


1: (Header) Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash
2: Photo by Ernesto Eslava on Pixabay
3: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
4: Graphic by Jhonatan Perez on Pixabay

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