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Chinese Student Writer

Hi. My name is Dora. I am an ALO7 student and I wrote this story!

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious forest. In that forest, there was a treehouse. In that treehouse were a brother and sister called Sam and May.

May had a wobbly tooth. She pinched and pinched until it wobbled so much it seemed that it would fall off. One day, Sam and May were fighting. Sam ran straight into May, and May’s tooth fell off the treehouse and disappeared. “The tooth fairy won’t give me any gold without a tooth!” May cried.

May went down out of the treehouse and sat on the ground. May felt lonely without her wobbly tooth. She wanted to play with other animals and ask them if they had seen her tooth. She met a squirrel. “Have you seen my tooth?” she asked.

The squirrel said, “I saw a red fox carrying a tooth like yours.”

The squirrel led May to the fox. May grabbed the tooth from the fox. The fox screamed and caught up with her. Then suddenly, May’s vision blurred. She only saw red. And whoosh! the fox ran away. It had the tooth!

May ran after the fox and grabbed the tooth back. The fox suddenly skidded to a halt behind her. She found herself walking in midair with the tooth in her hands. Then she plunged down. She had fallen over a cliff!

May’s insides felt woolly and there was water all around her. She looked into her hands and found the tooth safe. She sighed with relief. Then May looked around more carefully. There were slimy bodies all
around her. She panicked!

Was she dead?

Then she heard the crunching of teeth. She wasn’t dead at all, she was in a monster’s stomach!

As she slid on, May found a stick and poked the monster. The ground rumbled, trees fell, and ACHOO! May flew up out the nostrils and found herself flying out with monster snot!

Everything was dark, dark with snot. May pushed it away and stood upright. She was okay, cushioned by snot. It was nighttime, but luckily, she still could see the treehouse.

May ran towards it. She climbed up into the room. She saw Sam pinch his tooth and say to her, ”I have a wo——.” He never finished. May ran straight into him. They collapsed together. Sam pushed May aside and started dancing.

“I have a tooth! Yippee!” Sam screamed with delight.

“Let’s go to sleep,” said May.

They went to sleep. Hours went by. The window opened and the tooth fairy went into the treehouse. She gave gold to the children as she wandered around. Bam! She bumped into the wall. One of her teeth fell out. She grabbed it. “Gold for me!” she said as she flew away.

Chinese Student Writer 2

Dora is 9 years old. She enjoys writing stories, reading and playing video games. She hopes to have a rich life when she grows up. She is pictured here with Melinda Thompson, ALO7’s Editor-in-Chief.

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