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Esl Student Picnic Story

June Bug’s Picnic

June bug had a fun picnic on the hill. He invited many kinds of bugs to join him, such as ants, bees and butterflies. Through the trees rose the white moon and the stars were scarcely seen. At the picnic, they sang around the campfire, along with Cricket’s fiddle. The sounds were soft and slow. The forest was sleeping. They danced all the night and played games. Everyone was tired, thirsty and hungry. They gobbled up all the watermelon, salad and cakes. At last, they went home and each had a sweet dream.

What a great picnic!

Esl Student Bake Story

Bake Sale

Yesterday was a sunny day. My parents and I went to the park. A new bake sale next to the park had opened. We went into the bake sale. I saw many cakes, bread, cookies, and yogurt. There were many people in the bake sale. The baker was making different kinds of cakes. First, he put eggs and flour into a big bowl and stirred a lot. Then he put them into an oven. Half an hour later, the cake was removed from the oven. Last, the baker spread cream on the cake. Wow! What a beautiful cake! Meanwhile, I chose many cookies and bread, placing them on a tray. My parents went to the counter to pay for them. The clerk helped pack them, and collected our money. Everyone was busy but happy.

Alo7 Esl Student 2

Hi! I’m Harry. I’m 8 years old. I want to be an IT engineer when I grow up.

Alo7 Esl Student 1
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