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Retired teacher teaching classLooking for teaching jobs once you have left the field may seem like a crazy idea. After all, you have finally retired, it’s now time to relax! However, many teachers still feel the pull towards education. The “once a teacher, always a teacher” adage rings loud and clear. So, here’s a secret: the best jobs for retired teachers are, well, teaching! You may say: “Thanks for that nugget of wisdom, but where do I start?” The answer is online teaching.

Online teaching has jobs for seniors, jobs for former teachers, and jobs for retired persons! A bachelor’s degree is usually required; however, you don’t have to have a teaching degree to teach online. You have a degree in Engineering? Great, there are teaching jobs for you! A degree in Industrial Arts? There’s a job for you! A degree in “The History of Marvel and D.C. Comic Timelines”? That is very cool, and there is a job for you, too.

Five reasons to teach online:

  1. Continue the joy of teaching. There are many jobs for ex-teachers and retired persons online where you can continue to impart knowledge on youth overseas and help them learn to have a better grasp of English. The best part of teaching online is not having to grade papers, teach to a state test, exercise classroom discipline, or spend hours creating lesson plans that you hope may engage at least a few students in the class. An online retired teacher’s job contains the best parts of classroom teaching: students are eager to learn, the curriculum is prepared for you, and you are finished in a short period of time.  Plus, you will not have to buy school clothes or sensible shoes since you will be in your own home.
  2. Have job, can travel! Teaching jobs online have even more perks than not having to enter grades at the end of each quarter or wonder what to do with your fortieth coffee mug. You can also take the students with you, and become a digital nomad. These online jobs for retired teachers allow you the freedom to travel without having to schedule a day off. Teaching online does require you to use your computer, so as long as your destination has Wi-Fi or a good hotspot, you can still teach while enjoying your morning coffee in another state, or even another country. You can teach from a hotel, your children’s home, or even in your car while traveling. 
  3. Extra Income. Who doesn’t like extra income? Online jobs are a great way to earn extra money from home. Presents for the grandchildren are not cheap these days. Teaching part-time online is an excellent way to save up for Timmy’s new gaming system or Suzie’s new trendy doll.  Not to mention, you will have extra money to spend on traveling expenses, souvenirs, gas for the car, or the heating bill in the winter. Many teaching jobs for retired persons pay once a month so you will see the fruits of your labor in one combined payment.
  4.     Teaching is done before breakfast or after dinner. If you are living in the Western Hemisphere, you will be teaching in the morning, as many of the students’ hours are 12-15 hours ahead of you. You will be able to teach your lessons at 6 am and be done before your second cup of coffee is cold. If you live in the Eastern Hemisphere, your teaching will be in the evening. These jobs for retired teachers allow you to have your dinner, read the newspaper, then head down to your teaching area before dessert.
  5.      Your previous job experiences are golden. Jobs for retired teachers not only help you make extra money or fill the working void you did not think you would have but also help spread knowledge and experience. Online teaching jobs allow you to impart your knowledge to students and other tutors in your tutoring community.  Whether you are a former teacher, scientist, or Star Trek memorabilia collector, you each have your own unique methods of teaching that will undoubtedly guide a student or peer to learning something new. No one teacher has every answer, and your years of experience can help students and teachers–young and old.

Online jobs for ex-teachers–is there really such a thing?–are yours for the taking. Don’t be selfish and keep your knowledge and experiences to yourself, share it with the world!

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