ALO7's Jason Pshyk in Shanghai China
ALO7’s Jason Pshyk in Shanghai, China

Before Jason Pshyk dove into the world of teaching English as a foreign language, he was working in a corporate job in his home country of Canada. As many adults soon learn, corporate life isn’t for everyone, and Phsyk came to that same conclusion. His adventurous spirit led him to explore the idea of teaching English abroad. He took a trip to South Korea and thus began a new phase of his life… He became a digital nomad. He earned his TEFL certification and began teaching English to Korean students. Soon after, Pshyk also began teaching English online to students in China with ALO7.

Eventually, Pshyk had to make a decision… Sign another contract and stay in Korea teaching? Return home to family and friends? Go to another country to teach? Try to advance his ESL career by developing curricula? All digital nomads teaching English abroad face similar decisions and it’s never easy to decide with so many tempting options available. Fortunately for Jason, a very provocative opportunity presented itself in the form of parlaying his part-time online teaching job with ALO7 into a full-time position working in Shanghai as part of ALO7’s academic team.

Over time, Pshyk’s position with ALO7 has expanded and he is now the Online Tutor Manager. This position encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities, but the most important one is providing ALO7’s online tutors with the tools and training they need to deliver top-quality lessons consistently.

Pshyk’s journey to working for ALO7 in Shanghai shows that working hard, focusing on your goals and keeping yourself open to all opportunities can lead to a rewarding career with room for advancement. T

ALO7’s Adil Vellani, who also runs ESL Job Exchange, caught up with Pshyk recently and recorded this inspiring interview with him. Watch the interview, and learn more about Pshyk’s fascinating journey.

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Shiona Jarchow
Shiona Jarchow

This is so inspirational! I have also left the corporate world to become a digital nomad. I’ve been living abroad for 14 years now and love it. I’m currently in India but from Iowa, USA. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have seen many of Jason’s videos on YouTube and enjoy watching them as they are very helpful. I am new to ALO7 and happy to be here!

Yvette Morin - Abad
Yvette Morin - Abad

I truly enjoy this post. I really like that Jason sets himself many goals and achieves them. It gives one lots of hope for setting goals and achieving them. I admire that he has had the opportunity to teach in Korea as well as in China. I see that Jason truly enjoys his life being a teaching and as a very rewarding career working with AL07. Jason truly has a very interesting life and seems to live it to his fullest doing what he loves which is teaching young people.