ALO7 wins Ernst and Young's Most Promising Company 2018 Award

ALO7 Founder and CEO, Pengkai Pan, accepts the award.

In collaboration with Fudan University School of Management, Ernst & Young selected ALO7 as one of the most promising companies in China in 2018. The jurying committee examined companies of different sizes and across all industries looking for leaders that are “challenging traditions and creating new business models.”¹ The winning companies must also exhibit strong performance records regarding sales, growth and net profits with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility. The Most Promising Company 2018 award is part of E&Y’s continuing commitment to support the “sustainable growth of emerging companies and boosting their confidence, reputation, and influence in the industry.”² The ALO7 team is proud to be acknowledged with this award and want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our tutoring community for their hard work and commitment to excellence in education.






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Dalissa McEwen is passionate about education and believes that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Her focus on education began when she became a mother, and it grew exponentially as she raised her five children to adulthood. During that time, she founded and ran an educational co-op for over 100 families in her area focused on field trips and enrichment classes, worked as a magazine editor and wrote educational articles for an online website. Creating support systems and fostering community has always been a priority for Dalissa, so her current position as ALO7’s social media manager is a good fit. She is also the blog editor and has been teaching English online with ALO7 since 2016.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, USA, and TESOL certification from the International Open Academy.

In Dalissa’s free time, she volunteer teaches art and tutors students at a local center for Latinx immigrants. She is also a published writer and professional artist showing work in local galleries.

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  • Brandi Graham says:

    This is such an awesome accomplishment! I’m personally grateful to be a part of a “promising company” when ALO7 succeeds, I succeed. It’s a wonderful experience to be granted the opportunity to grow with a company, and share in each success, and milestone met. ALO7 keep up the phenomenal work!

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