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Teacher Delanie with her online students

In recent years, the decision to teach English online has been popular among digital nomads, and some may consider teaching online the best job for digital nomads. Teaching ESL is a well-paying and flexible remote job that makes it an attractive option. But, with the many companies out there, it can be difficult to decide which one will work best for you and your schedule. As with any job search, it’s important to do your homework and research on the company. First and foremost, make sure you meet the basic requirements! Online ESL companies have varying requirements for their tutors. Keep in mind that if you want to teach for a Chinese ESL company, you will need an ESL teaching certification due to new government regulations; however, ALO7 is giving new hires three months to complete certification and assistance in obtaining certification. That said, Alo7 is an excellent choice to teach English online for those who are location independent. Here are the top reasons from your friendly (not so local) neighborhood digital nomad on why teaching online with ALO7 is the best job for digital nomads:

Why is teaching online the best job for digital nomads?

Consistent schedule

When I started out as a digital nomad, one of my biggest problems was making my budget. The amount of work I had each month, or even week, varied depending on clients’ needs. However, I still had my Airbnbs to pay for, and I did not want to regress to eating packaged ramen noodles for dinner. Alo7 has really helped eliminate this worry because it offers a stable and reliable income each month. Their partner schools book tutors out for long-term, multi-week courses, so you know how many classes you can expect and count on a specific payment for several months. The added benefit to a consistent schedule is that you get to know the students throughout the course. I enjoy seeing my students progress and I feel like I am really making an impact on their learning.


I have been teaching English online from South America and Mexico, which means my classes begin early in the morning before the sun is up. Yes, I know that’s an early start, but that means I get to finish my classes early, by 7AM. After that, I am free to work on other projects, take a short nap, or even take a day trip. I keep my Saturday and Sundays free so that I can have a three-day weekend without missing any classes (a smarter digital nomad would choose to have weekdays off to beat the crowds). After Friday mornings, I still have the whole day to hop on a bus and go somewhere new. The hours will be different if you are located in different parts of the world. Alo7’s schedule can still work for you and allow you to take advantage of location independence. Are you just looking to pick up work for a few days of the week to fill in some gaps? Great! Or, are you hoping to make online ESL teaching one of your main income streams? Then feel free to make yourself available every day of the week. Just don’t forget to give yourself a few rest days so you can go out to explore!

best job digital nomads teach picTeach from anywhere

Alo7 allows tutors to teach English online from any location in the world, unlike some other companies, which require you to physically be located in a certain country. It truly is a remote job. As long as you have a fast and stable internet connection, your computer, webcam, and headset, you are able to teach. By taking advantage of technology, I can take my virtual classroom anywhere and fit it in a backpack. If I can’t find a plain background in my new location, I can use a green screen to cover up a messy room. This has really helped the few times I had to teach from a hotel room. I also use webcam effects to minimize the props I have to carry around with me. I always keep a few physical props on hand, like my crayons for colors and other common household items. But even if you have the luxury of space in your luggage, these effects are a fun tool to add to your (excuse the pun) backpack in order to get students laughing.

best job for digital nomads community picSupportive community

Social media makes us think that all digital nomads are having an amazing time 24/7, but the reality is that it can be a lonely lifestyle too. Sure, you meet a lot of new people, but these friendships are usually short-lived because one of you is going to leave in a few months. The Alo7 tutor community is friendly, welcoming and I have made several virtual friendships. Whether I have a question about a course or want to share a cute interaction I had with my class, others are there for help or feedback. Tutors have even organized real-life meetups. Throughout my travels, the Alo7 community has continuously been a group that I turn to for advice, laughter and friendly banter. The tutor community has two Facebook groups for socializing and asking questions; Pili’s Playhouse (for current tutors) and Nani’s Newbies (for new applicants). Whether you are already a digital nomad or someone who is wondering how to make a living while traveling, teaching English online is definitely an option you should consider as it one of the best jobs for digital nomads. The schedule is flexible, you can teach from many places around the globe, and most importantly, the work is fun! For more information about being a tutor with Alo7, visit the FAQ page. Do you agree that teaching online is the best job for digital nomads? Share your experience in the comments! Island photo by AdrienBe on Header photo by Alexas_Fotos on
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