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Do you detest the daily, 9-5 rat race? Do you find it increasingly challenging to work under someone else? Have you always aspired to be your own boss, make your own rules, and determine how much money you make? If so, I suggest considering online tutoring jobs. The ability to make money online seems too good to be true, trust me- I thought so, as well. However, being that it is almost 2020 and technology is literally paving the futuristic way, it is not so far-fetched as it once appeared. Online earning is trending into a wildly popular form of entrepreneurial business, captivating the attention of traditional teachers, digital nomads (who thrive off of travel), and anyone who wishes to set their own standard and determine their own income. Take it from me, folks, there is no easier, more rewarding way to make money online than teaching ESL from the comfort of your own home. ALO7, in particular, is a wonderful, inclusive, progressive company that advocates you working with them, rather than for them.

Payment Structure

Chinese-based companies like ALO7 are continually seeking out native English speakers to supply their affiliate schools with authentic English instructors. Don’t have the time, energy, resources, or liberty to relocate? No problem! It is a big step, after all. Luckily, ALO7’s online instruction allows tutors to teach from the comfort of their own homes, during the times of their choosing. So, let’s get right into it. ALO7 offers two distinct forms of payment, our base pay— 7.50 USD per 25-minute class, or 15.00 USD per 50-minute class— is guaranteed across the board. When looked at from an hourly wage perspective, you are making 15.00 USD for less than an hour’s worth of instruction. However, do not forget to take into account ALO7’s generous incentive payment policy! ALO7 is constantly recognized for its attention towards maintaining tutor satisfaction. The incentive payment policy is a prime example. Tutors are set to make an additional 12-25 percent bonus depending on the individual’s teaching quality, attendance records, and the number of classes taught, all together. Therefore, when all is said and done, instructors just starting out will actually bring home approximately USD 15.75 an hour— and it only grows from there!

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule Teaching ESL Online

ALO7 provides a three-hour window from which tutors can select their working hours. From anywhere between 6-9 pm, Beijing Time (please note the time differences depending on your location throughout the globe), tutors are encouraged to set a schedule that fits their own, unique lifestyle. As long as you maintain six hours throughout the course of seven days, you are good to go! Tutors can work as much, or as little, as they see fit. It is not uncommon for tutors to schedule themselves one hour a day, six days a week, or three hours a day, two days a week, or three hours a day, seven days a week. It is entirely up to you.

Earning Potential

Of course, your schedule flexibility will determine the amount of money you make. Do you want to make money online to supplement your full-time job? Are you looking to sharpen your teaching skills as a college student? Or are you looking for long-term, increased opportunities to maximize your earning potential? No matter what, ALO7 provides its instructors the individualistic liberty to determine how much they choose to take home. So, let’s play with some numbers. Say an instructor is looking to make money online to simply supplement their income, choosing to work only one hour a day, six days a week. With the base and incentive payments calculated into the total, this instructor would be making an extra 100.00 USD a week, approximately. Spaced over a month, this would equal about an extra 400.00 USD. Now, let’s peek at the full-course loader working seven days a week. So, three hours a day at 15.75-22.00 USD per hour, depending on earned incentives, would equal about 1300-1850 USD (appx.) per month. Remember, this is at only three hours a day. You do the math, decide for yourself what would be most profitable, then go for it. The choice is yours.

Requirements for Teaching ESL Online

Have no fear; there is no catch! All that ALO7 asks is you conduct lessons wearing a blue dress shirt/polo; maintain a clean, learning- inspired background; a headset with an external microphone; a four-year college degree (or in pursuit of one); and ESL/TEFL certification. Here is where I find people tend to freeze up. But it is okay! Due to recent legislative policies from China’s Ministry of Education, all teachers (no distinction between tutor and teacher) must have a certification. Luckily, many different, fully-accredited online courses available. For example, International Open Academy offers a 120-hour TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification that, when bought with a handy-dandy Groupon, runs you about 20.00 USD. Twenty bucks for a fully accredited teaching certification is a remarkable deal and is an asset to any resume or academic CV.

So, if you are anything like me— dreading the morning routine of rushing out the door just to sit in traffic to go to a job that makes you feel unfulfilled— then do yourself a favor and consider teaching ESL online. ALO7 has a tremendous process that instills the confidence necessary to begin your journey of working for yourself, on your own terms, all in your sleep pants!

F.Y.I.- Friends, please note that, due to your status as an independent contractor (hence the liberating freedoms attached to the position), US taxes ARE NOT taken out of payments. It is essential to consider this and plan accordingly. For more detailed information, please consult your financial advisor.

Graphic courtesy of © Sabuhi Novruzov |

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