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Whether your students have classes in person or online, it’s back to school season! These days, we could all use a little laughter and these back to school riddles and jokes about school are sure to make everyone smile.

Riddles can be challenging for ESL students but they are useful for practicing homophones, onomatopoeia and other forms of word play. If the riddles are still too tricky for your students, try adding a picture to give them a hint. Do you have any funny riddles or jokes that were a hit with learners? Let us know in the comments below!

Back To School Riddles With Answers
Riddles for Beginner students
  1. What is a snake’s favorite subject at school?
  1. What subject is easy for a witch?
  1. What room at school has the most stories?
    The library
  1. What animals live at school?
  1. What is white when dirty and black when clean?
    A blackboard
  1. How do bees get to school?
    By school buzz
  1. Why did the student eat his homework?
    His teacher said it was a piece of cake
Riddles for Intermediate students
  1. Why was the math book sad on the first day of school?
    Because it had so many problems.
  1. Why did the teacher wear sunglasses in the classroom?
    Because her students were so bright!
  1. I have a back and legs
    But I don’t have hair.
    You sit on me
    Which makes me a _ _ _ _ _

    A chair
  1. Why didn’t the bear go to university?
    It only learned the bear necessities. 
  1. What animal cheats on its tests?
    A cheetah
  1. What school does ice cream go to?
    Sundae school
  1. Why was the teacher angry at the student for something he didn’t do?
    Because he didn’t do his homework
  1. What is a cow’s favorite day at school?
    When it goes on a field trip
Riddles for Advanced Students
  1. Despite my name,
    I am not a queen.
    When you hold me up to things
    Their length is seen.
    What am I?

    A ruler
  1. When you come to school on Monday, you find out that class has been delayed. Your class will be three days after the day before the day after tomorrow. What day is your class?
  1. You will always find me in the past, I can be created in the present but the future will never change me. What am I?
  1. There were three girls walking to school. They had 1 umbrella to share. How did they not get wet?
    It wasn’t raining.
  1. Sometimes you use me at school
    I am not a clock
    I am something that beats paper
    But I am beaten by rock.
    What am I?

  1. What is a math teacher’s favorite dessert?
  1. What do you need to go to high school?
    A ladder
  1. Where do students in New York City learn multiplication?
    In Times Square
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