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This November, ALO7, China’s leading K12 English education technology company, was recognized as the “WISE 2018 King of Education Informationization.” The award was presented during the WISE 2018 Business Conference. WISE, an acronym for Where Innovation and Startups Emerge, is hosted by 36Kr, one of China’s leading technology and business media companies. This annual conference features “the best minds in China’s startup ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and corporate executives.”¹ By bringing together leaders from many different industries, this conference is an incubator for new ideas.

Education Informationization Award

2018 Education Informationization Award

The theme of this year’s conference was “New Economy: New Capital, New Technology and New Information.” New Economy, a term coined by 36Kr, “marks the future of the Internet economy that is driven by information and high technological capabilities. It is also characterized by an economy with high growth yet low unemployment, inflation, and budget deficit – one that is sustainable, effective and healthy.”² 36Kr pushes the New Economy forward by promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in China.

ALO7 and Education Informationization

When discussing China’s Educational Informatization or Informationization in the International Review, authors ShengQuan Yu, Minjuan Wang, and Haoyang Che said, “Education Informitation, an indigenous term widely used in several Asian countries including China, is about the systematic and comprehensive use of modern information technology (IT, e.g., computers, multimedia, the Internet, telecommunication, and satellite) in China’s K-12 and higher education.”³ China began to focus on educational informationization in 2000 with the introduction of the Networking All Schools project. ALO7, then called Saybot, was a part of this first wave of educational revolution in China. ALO7’s contribution came in the form of designing digital English textbooks for Chinese children.

Since its formation in 2004, ALO7 has pushed English education in China beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. ALO7’s founder, Dr. Pan Pengkai, and Executive Vice President, Andrew Shewbart, have pioneered a three dimensional model of teaching English. This model combines learning English in brick-and-mortar classrooms using original curriculum developed by ALO7 with online tutoring sessions with native English speakers. Students also practice English alone using ALO7’s interactive and engaging application that features games, stories and more.

China is now in the second phase of its educational revolution and ALO7 is leading the way. During the award speech, 36Kr emphasized that “ALO7’s To Business project has become a tool for intensive cultivation in the second half of the education industry.” The future is ALO7’s as the company continues to innovate by incorporating artificial intelligence into the online application and online tutoring lessons. ALO7’s goal is to use technology to reconstruct every link of education and to seize the new opportunities of the second half of education together with a vast number of partners.


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