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Covid-19 has caused disruptions to life as we know it around the world. Those of us teaching English as a second language to students in China felt the repercussions of this unrelenting virus well before workers in many other countries. Foreign ESL teachers in China were sent home to their native countries, and many online teachers experienced a drop in their teaching schedules. 

By late spring, Covid-19 was under control in China, so students began to return to in-person teaching near the end of the spring semester. As the coronavirus epidemic has been largely controlled, 202 million students, or 75 percent of all 280 million students in the country, returned to their campus before the end of the spring semester. For the new fall semester, China has implemented a staggered start date for public schools with some schools starting as early as mid-August while others won’t open until the beginning of October. In early September, Guangdong Experimental High School started the first dual-teacher class after Covid-19. In the class, the foreign teachers helped the students to understand the importance of Dr. Zhong Nanshan, an alumnus of the school who “earned international fame for managing the SARS outbreak and led the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in Wuhan, Hubei.1

With this news of public schools reopening, ALO7 also presented exciting news to its online English tutors. ALO7 is now partnering with public schools in China to deliver online English lessons using a one-to-many format during the public school day. These classes will take place via a live video feed into the classroom. The tutors will teach in front of a green screen from the comfort of their own home using ALO7’s award-winning courseware. ALO7 will also continue to offer smaller online English classes to parents who wish their students to practice their conversational English skills at home. By offering a myriad of classes for parents, public schools, and enrichment schools from which to choose, ALO7 hopes to meet all students’ needs in China at this time. 

Screen Shot 2020 09 21 At 3.50.15 Pm
One of ALO7’s online teachers singing the hello song with his public school students

 With the reopening of schools in-person, many families and teachers are worried about the potential of new cases developing. While this is a notable concern, the MOE has said that it expects schools to have contingency plans and drills in place. Director Weng said, “If it happens, we are still able to react to it in time and efficiently, and ensure the safety of students and faculty to the utmost extent and the full restoration of teaching order to normality.”2

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