About ALO7

Creator of Innovative English Education Solutions For
Chinese Students

As one of the largest K12 digital English Language Teaching (ELT) content producer and solutions provider in China, ALO7 nurtures Chinese students to become confident and fluent English speakers who love to learn. ALO7 achieves this goal by providing innovative multi-media materials and both offline and online English instruction to students from three to 18 years old. The combination of learning in a traditional classroom with Chinese teachers and online conversational practice with native English speaking tutors using ALO7's engaging courseware provides a holistic approach to learning.

What does ALO7 mean?

ALO7 means
"Hello, World!"

ALO7 aims to open windows for children to learn about the outside world and cultural diversity, fostering global citizens and future leaders with the knowledge and the ability to bravely say "Hello!" to the world.

Our Company Mission

Cultivate in students a love to learn, explore, cooperate, create, and contribute.

These "five loves" reflect ALO7’s core spirit of
self-realization, teamwork, and social contribution.
A pioneer in the online education industry, ALO7 emphasizes the spirit of giving before taking. ALO7 values its organizational and collaborative ideals along with the principles of self-motivation, self-study, and innovation. Our mission is to be the leader of using cutting-edge technology to benefit society by creating high-quality learning products and services.

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