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Congratulations to the 2018 ALO7 Teachers of the Year!After working with our partner schools, we are proud to announce the Alo7 Teachers of the Year for 2018.

All 10 teachers have been tutoring with Alo7 for at least 1 year, and many have taught an extremely high number of classes. The classes have been of high quality and very welcomed by our partner schools and their students. All of the Teachers of Year 2018, will receive an appreciation package from Alo7. The package will consist of a Teacher of the Year 2018 certificate and some goodies from Alo7.

Out of the 10 Teachers of the Year 2018, Chelsea F. and Lauren T. were invited to China to visit our Shanghai office and tour some of our partner schools. All of the expenses will be paid by Alo7 to show our deep appreciation for their outstanding contributions to our students and partner schools.

Chelsea F., an artist and art teacher in her local school district, lives in North Carolina, USA. She has been teaching with Alo7 since June 2016. She first taught 1-to-1 classes and then switched to 1-to-3 classes. On average, she teaches over 150 classes per month and just reached the milestone of teaching 3,ooo online classes. In addition to tutoring online for ALO7, Chelsea also recruited for Alo7 from September 2016 to summer 2017. With her help and many other recruiters’ help, Alo7 has hired a high caliber team of tutors. She was also invited to join our Tutor Leader program and has coached many new tutors along the way. Furthermore, Chelsea has been a key contributor to Wise English, which Alo7 launched in September 2017. She wrote many teachers’ activities for Wise English, and developed a pilot class in art for Chinese students as part of the Elite Program. Alo7’s students, parents and partner schools are very grateful for Chelsea’s online teaching prowess and hope to collaborate with her for a long time to come.

Lauren T., an extremely passionate language enthusiast, and experienced online teacher, lives in Wisconsin, USA. Lauren started working with Alo7 May of 2017. She does many substitute classes, providing backup for tutors who have last-minute emergencies or planned vacation time. Lauren has been instrumental to Alo7’s Academic team led by Teacher James A. She works closely with Alo7 Shanghai and a global team of Alo7 tutors who help with lesson plans and many different academic initiatives. She’s also developed a fun history class for Alo7 as part of our pilot Elite program. From hosting virtual office hours to providing feedback session, Lauren goes above and beyond to share her online teaching knowledge with other tutors. You can also see Lauren in quite a bit of Alo7 training videos where she addresses topics ranging from how to set-up a green screen to how to engage students. In addition to being an experienced educator, Lauren also has strong sales and office management experience. She holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in English as well as a B.A. in History from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and studied at Suffolk University Law School. And, she is a proud mother of three lovely children. Everyone at ALO7 is very grateful for Lauren’s energy and hope to collaborate with her for a long time to come.

ALO7 congratulates all the Teachers of the Year 2018, and thanks them for their collaboration and dedication.

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